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Those magnificent flying drones


Some readers may remember the earlier inspirational stories on power and might. They may remember one such title that went along the lines of ‘those magnificent men in their flying machines’. Their flying machines, of course, are all forms of aircraft, from small single engine planes to those large jumbos that cross the globe every day. But there have also been those monsters which reaped and sowed destruction and disaster wherever it was sent.

By the time conflict areas were first visited upon by ‘those drones’ the bad reputation continued. The argument has been put forward that the military use drones lesson the potential to endanger lives. Perhaps when this was still a contradiction of terms, the men and women controlling the crafts were still learning the ropes. But even so. You can continue this story if you like. What most of us do like, however, is that more and more camera drones are being launched into the sky and put to very good use indeed.

It has become far more effective for movie technicians to utilize drones to capture enthralling shots. This becomes quite important when recording documentaries on important issues in the world today. Scientists are making full and proper use of camera drones, scaling heights that were not possible before, to capture and compile data and photographic material that is as accurate as can be. This has been made possible through the use of digital technologies and software.

Farmers are also using drones to enable them to make better projections for the seasons ahead. This is pertinent when you appreciate the challenges they are faced with today in regard to climate change and extreme weather events. And yes, the military are still persisting with the use of drone technology.

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